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Stefano Dall gata essedia1960 a libero.it
Dom 14 Maggio 2017 08:45:13 BST

Hi friend! 

I've just come  across some nice  things, I think you might be interested in  that, please  take a look http://poictiers.julielungaro.com

All the best, Stefano Dall gata

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Well,I'm sorry If you  feel attacked. But  from all the servers I played,the brazillian one  is the  most toxic.The first time i tried playing with  someone I didn't know it was hell,the  guy  couldn't  shut up about how lucky the others are and  how fucking noob  I am. You know how many times that happened to me in the US server? Zero. Fuck,It's  not only me,I play with 4 other friends and we play in the  US just because we can't stand how people treat each other in the  BR server. You  don't  see random acts of  kindness in the game,at  least talking from my experience,if you're 100

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