[ubuntu-it-dev] PPA focus group and enhancements

Christian Robottom Reis kiko a async.com.br
Lun 9 Giu 2008 18:36:08 BST

Hi there,

    I'm writing you because I'm assembling a focus group to discuss
Launchpad PPAs, and your PPA is one of the larger archives we currently
host. I'd like to know:

    a) Whether or not this is a good address to contact you at, and 
    b) to ask you a specific question about PPAs, as follows:
        We are currently considering offering certain people and teams
        the ability to publish multiple PPAs. This would allow you to
        offer multiple PPAs under the same URL hierarchy

        One example use case comes from the Bazaar team, who would like
        to have a PPA for releases and a PPA for daily snapshots.
        Currently, to do this, a second team would need to be created to
        own that PPA -- with this change, a second URL (the format is
        still being discussed) under ~bazaar/ would be made available.

        The question I have for you is: do you, /today/, have a concrete
        use case for a secondary PPA? Note that it's most important that
        your considerations be practical rather than hypothetical -- I
        need concrete use cases to be able to discuss the feature with
        the other stakeholders and implementors.

Please give it some thought and write me back before Wednesday, June 11.
Thanks so much for your attention.

(My apologies for the BCC'd email but not all recipients have chosen to
disclose their addresses publically so I'm respecting that.)
Christian Robottom Reis | http://async.com.br/~kiko/ | [+55 16] 3376 0125

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