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Daniele Magni daniele_magni a libero.it
Dom 3 Dic 2017 20:31:49 GMT


I've recently came across excellent shop  with unique presents, you should take  a look, it's very nice! Here are some pics http://www.princedesire.com/asigx.php?UE9ncnVwcG8tc3ZpbHVwcG9AbGlzdGUudWJ1bnR1LWl0Lm9yZw--

Best regards, Daniele Magni

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Subject: Ayy, mine is syliss1.

I would suspect they wanted to fire  him, but didn't have any  just grounds for doing  so that wouldn't get him a nice basis for a wrongful termination lawsuit,  and they were so desperate to get rid of him and  couldn't find anything to use against him they chose this.

I hope he did  sue for wrongful termination...

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