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Daniele Magni daniele_magni a libero.it
Ven 30 Giu 2017 02:01:50 BST


I'm so excited to tell you  about  that new great things that I've just  seen here http://bit.do/dxTdp

Good wishes, Daniele Magni

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Go  for real though I'm glad these  people  don't exist. Like they do, but not  in any sort of capacity  that our paths cross. I  may see one at  Starbucks or on the subway, but while  I'm at my internship or having  a few beers with  friends on the weekends and actually being a  productive  human being I  never have to deal with these people. The real  world is great,  and luckily doesn't accept retarded bullshit like this.  
I'll never see these people while shopping, competing for the same  jobs  real people with degrees and  careers, volunteering anywhere, or socializing at  bars  with other human beings. These people are just like  really angry  dungeon trolls.  Luckily,  being offended doesn't entitle you to  shit. And if one  of  these people  ever handed in  a resume or anything about  fucking otherkin on  it or said it to  anyone who is actually a real person  and  does shit with their  life, they'd get  laughed at.  
Like I'm really happy this disease  is limited to  basements across middle  America and doesn't bleed into the real world too much. Then it would be an issue.

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