[ubuntu-it-www] Re: aggiornamento cms

Fabio Marzocca thesaltydog at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 09:50:03 BST 2007

Ho inserito d'un colpo due aggiornamenti al cms:

Version 1.1.2 "Savaii" -- September 3, 2007
- Fixes the order of buttons in the edit template page
- Fixes so that you can now uninstall and remove modules even
  if their MaximumCMSVersion is greater than the current
- Fixes an obscure problem with parameters getting passed to the
  wrong module if modules calls were used in a template, after they
  were included from the content

Version 1.1.3 "Apia" -- September 22. 2007
- Fixes a potential security hole in adodb lite.

Version "Apia" -- September 22. 2007
- Yes two versions in one day, thank god it's a Saturday
- Fixes an issue with stylesheet.php that popped up because of the
  security fixes to adodb lite.

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