[ubuntu-it-www] 1.5.2

Fabio Marzocca thesaltydog at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 15:14:48 GMT 2009

Aggiornato CMS all aversione 1.5.2.

Questo il changelog:

Version 1.5.2 - Caguas
- Fixes of several bugs:
  - #2406 Re-order pages causes hierarchy to be incorrect
(longstanding), which could be caused by:
		a) two users simultaneously re-ordering pages or,
		b) moving a second page while ajax hasn't finished moving the first.
  - #2476 cyclic internal linking is possible and causes listcontent to time-out
  - #2709 Install and uninstall post messages not shown.
  - #2717 Text inputs too short in page-copy-mode.
  - #2739 Permission Denied user type Editor or Designer.
  - #2744 Edit prefs missing div layout bug.
  - #2789 message usertagdeleted not shown because of wrong url.
  - #2791 News Module Pagination translation label.
  - #2804 Re-ordering in Events.
  - #2805 Deleting of an UDT attached to an Event.
  - #2808 Page found by search, with "page is searchable" flag unchecked.
  - #2872 Login page showing, after deleting a template which is still in use.
  - Setting output_compression to false in config.php still sent
compressed data.
  - Many fixes in html - Validations in admin side.

- Feature requests that are included:
  - #2045 Allow search to find expired news articles.
  - #2649 Notifications when deleting Stylesheets in use by templates.
  - Showall parameter added to News, to show all news-entries,
regardless of end-date.

- Tiny
  - #2815 CMSLink don't have '$config['page_extension']' suffix.

- Module-API
  - Added HasCapability and GetModulesWithCapability for a more
general way of checking what a module can do.

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