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Giuseppe Terrasi peppe84 at linux.it
Sun Mar 13 09:48:47 GMT 2011

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@Matteo e $gruppo_web: vi occupate voi di mettere gli annunci? come
orario un generico "a partire dalle 19". Adesso me ne vado e ritorno
online a posta dalle 19. Grazie.

@Matteo e $gruppo_doc: disponibili a compiere una serie di test subito
dopo l'aggiornamento? se ci son problemi così li segnaliamo subito. ma
di tutto questo in caso ne parliamo nel quadrato.


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Oggetto: Re: [rt.ubuntu.com #16419] MoinMoin upgrade on Calcium
Data: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 10:43:53 +0100
Mittente: Giuseppe Terrasi <peppe84 at linux.it>
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Il 13/03/2011 01:17, Matthias Arnason via RT ha scritto:
> Sorry about the delay. I could do this tomorrow around midnight your
> time if that's convenient/you don't have to be awake for it? Can you
> please give me an idea of the other actions that need to be taken and,
> if you need to be awake, a good time (I am -9 hours relative to you)?

Hi Matthias

Thanks for you response. We will try to be present. But given the
problems of time zone you're able to anticipate the action around 10 or
13 towards your local time? Here in these cases would be 19 or 22 at night.
In any case, we list the operations to be done if we were not there.

After upgrade we need:
1) replace theme.py, Themes.py (located in /data/plugin/action and
/data/plugin/macro) whit this [1].
2) remove frame.py data/plugin/parser cause is deprecated
3) rename in _old this file: syncpages.py, rss_rc.py, anywikidraw.py
bookmark.py fckdialog.py twikidraw.py located in /Moin/action for
different reason: security, turning off features we do not want to
provide our users, load reduction.
4) for the same reason, rename in _old this file: text_rst.py
text_xslt.py text_docbook.py TeudView.py located in /Moin/parser
5) make a cp htdocs/ubuntu-it/img/admon* htdocs/common/img/
9) replace commons.css (located in /htdocs/common/css) whit this [1].
6) replace wikiconfig.py whit this [1]
7) replace default.py (located in /data/plugin/theme) whit this [1].
8) replace Immagine.py (located in /data/plugin/macro) whit this [1].

After upgrade, a superuser maybe reinstall the system pages
http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/LanguageSetup?action=language_setup and
perfome some test [²] on macro, action and many other.


[1] http://people.ubuntu.com/~giuseppeterrasi/upgrade/upload_su_calcium/
[2] http://typewith.me/8QxT3qU65y

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