[Lista-Gruppi] Results for the 20:00 Regional Membership Board Meeting, May 5th 2022

Mattia Rizzolo mapreri a ubuntu.com
Gio 5 Maggio 2022 21:41:28 BST

Hello everyone,

At the May 5th 2022, 20:00 Membership meeting we welcomed one new Member to official Ubuntu Membership!

Daniele De Michele

Daniele is an active and long-standing member in the Ubuntu-it LoCo team
for several years; within the newsletter group he participates in the
writing, revision and layout of the pdf release. Also, he devotes his
energies to update the documentation.  He is also regularly active in
the Italian Ubuntu IRC channels and Social Media.  Lastly, he tries to
entice users to join our community!

Congratulations to all the new members!

On behalf of the 20:00 Membership Board

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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