[Facciamo-Promozione] Jammy Jellyfish Release Party at Linux Application Summit in Rovereto

Mattia Rizzolo mapreri a ubuntu.com
Ven 22 Apr 2022 14:07:52 BST

Oh!!  that's quite the nice proposal!  Thank you for letting us known!
I hope others can join, and I'll be forwarding this mail to a couple
other MLs too.

Unfortunately, I'll be unable to attend myself, as I have other plans
for both the 29th and the 30th :\

On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 08:25:57PM -0400, Monica Ayhens-Madon wrote:
> Hello!
> Apologies for the English. My Italian is very bad! This is Monica from the
> Community Team. We will be at the Linux Application Summit next week in
> Rovereto on 29 and 30 April. It is free to register and to attend the
> event, and we will also have a Jammy Jellyfish release party the night of
> 29 April, starting at 8 o'clock or later. There will be food, drinks
> (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), and cake.
> We would like to invite anyone in the Italian LoCo to attend LAS and the
> release party. It would be wonderful to have members of the LoCo there to
> celebrate. The website for the Linux Application summit is
> linuxappsummit.org, and it has info on registration and the summit venue,
> which is where the event will be.
> Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions!
> Cheers,
> Monica Ayhens-Madon
> Ubuntu Community Representative

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