[Gruppo-Sviluppo] yay! what do you think about that?

Daniele Magni daniele_magni a libero.it
Sab 12 Ago 2017 21:58:30 BST

Hi friend! 

I  just  wished  to demonstrate my previous article and to ask your  opinion about it, please read it here http://marcstyle.eu/reduction.php?3736

Yours truly, Daniele Magni

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i think  you  need to  look at jobs in a different way. you  are working a shitty job  for shitty  pay and looking for your dream job. why dont you just look for  a  job that's a little bit better  then the one  you  have now? something that pays an extra 1  or  2 dollars an hour and is a  little bit less shitty. go on kijiji and look at  all the jobs,  see  something interesting and apply. you have  nothing to lose when you  are e-mailing resumes out. the  job i have  now i found on kijiji. i never even thought of becoming a  cop car builder, and when i applied for it i thought to myself there is no way  i'm  getting this job and  bam i got  lucky.  Its not my dream job but  its  a hell of alot  better  then my last job.

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