[ubuntu-it-fcm] lettera da tradurre in inglese, le mie correzioni alla revisione

vito tigani vitotigani a yahoo.it
Dom 13 Gen 2008 16:27:26 GMT

Spero riusciate a capire  a che frasi faccio
riferimento, non riporto il testo per intero. Come ho
giá detto in chan la lettera fa schifo in Italiano e
non é facile tutto. Spero ivvamente che non venga
pubblicata e spero in ogni caso che per lo meno UNO
dei loro revisori la corregga, un amdrelingua serve
sempre in questi casi.

bando alle ciance, Flavia (o chi per lei) fai i lresto
:D io ho agggiunto el stesse correzioni anche in nota
alla traduzione ma NON all´ interno del testo.

salutos !!!


you are probably wondering what my tie-up with Ubuntu

I´m keen -> I´ve been into Ubuntu and open source only
for one year
1) Linux and OpenSource are contributing to a new way
of making business, no more strictly 

connected with the logic of selfish interest, but
related to mutual support.
2) New opportunities are opened for everyone, newly
norm creativity, freedom and mutual aid.
3) Enhance ... up to date sociological studies in
Economics about customers
4) Open source

becoming true (o that becomes true)

personal purposes

stop surrendering to other's will and giving up vital
mental and material resources

I wish that Ubuntu´ll get even better ...
Universities, Companies and peoples could be part 

of this world
this new way of making business ... urge companies to
act for a change,
each other´s freedom
network should give businessmen...
since few big companies have a stranglehold on it

This could become a cutting edge reality in marketing
and in economic techniques, with a 

deep-rooted open source core.

will try to decrease ... by using Ubuntu


senri no michi mo ippo kara

You live a new life for every new language you speak.
If you know only one language, you live only once.

Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.
The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.
(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

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